Our Activities

Plans - 2020-2021

Nalvazhikatti Learning Center

At the Nalv learning centre they not only try to provide them with better coaching on their curriculum but also emphasize on all round development of the individual through life-skills ,soft skills training and personality development programs. There are 10 such centers in different Districts of Tamilnadu that is run by Nalvazhikatti today. Each center is resourced with at least One Faculty (Tutor), trained by Eureka super kidz-an Aid-India initiative and remunerated by Nalvazhikatti.

Malaivazh Makkal Welfare Program

Stating that tribal's should be made part of the mainstream in our country. Pointing out that lack of the education and other resourcial development were in tribal areas are highly opted out. We conducting frequent welfare program for tribal people and providing various facilities for ensuring the right way of education and the general facilities. Make a visible and rapid improvement in the enrollment and the learning levels of education to the underprivileged children in the areas belongs to Pollachi, Thiruvannamalai, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Vellore and Bangalore. And we are the one having rights to serve on the protected area located in the Annamalai Hills of Pollachi, Thalinchi, Kulipatty, Valparai, Kadamparai, Pulipatty of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nalvazhikatti implementing the training and program's by more than 100 volunteers to all the tribal and poor people through this welfare program.

Makkal kanini

Information Technology and the Computer interaction services are virtual illusion in most of the villages. As Nalvazhikatti implemented new plan of "Makkal Kanini" to break up all this technology and make this virtual on live to all the people living in small villages. They proved new driven of operating computer is more simplicity than using mobile.

For implenting this concept, they provided the entire computer learning education on Tamil Language where all the people can understand easily and start learning the computer education as short span of time. Nalvazhikatti and Team helped all the poor students to grow up their level of education under various resources. For this, we are conducting frequent campaign and make an opportunity to all the people to touch, learn and work the feel with computer.

Vazhikattuthal Program for 10 and +2 students

Many students are bewildered, when they are asked about the methodology they use to study. Many would say that careful reading once or twice to be the apt methodology to study a lesson or subject. Few others would surely have other tactics to study. But, the real methodology of learning and assistance for students has been opted out on those days.

In order to rectify this, we bringing the clarity on the method of studying and also for creating awareness among the students, Nalvazhikatti conducting education campaign and giving the valuable advice to all the 10th and 12th grade students in villages for their needs of the next academic year and also provide effective techniques for higher studies with a positive challenge and make the student on healthy mind in the level of education.

The highly notable is we financially supported few of children's for their dream and loving career.

Student workshop

We have separate and united team to monitoring the real scenario of student’s educational level in rural, tribal and backward districts in TamilNadu. On initial stage, focused only on small villages for conducting two days workshop for the first generation and below margin students based on their level of attitude. According to their stability, the students will be splitted in to three different groups and they all trained by leading teaching professionals with the assistance of Nalvazhikatti.